Demo Reel

We hope you enjoy our newest demo reel. We had a lot of fun making all these great films.

The Hollow One

Compulsion Films and Raven Banner Entertainment, in association with Abundant Productions, brings you The Hollow One, a Nathan Hendrickson film. Coming in 2017 to a DVD player near you!


The Seance

A fake seance starts a chain reaction that leads to dire consequences for a mother, daughter and a cursed camera.

Winner: Runner-Up Best in City Seattle 48 Hour Horror Challenge 2015; Winner: Best SFX Make Up Seattle 48 Hour Horror Challenge 2015


Sometimes it's not what you think. And sometimes, it's exactly what you think. In Claire's and Nick's case, their relationship is more complicated than either are willing to share with anyone outside of themselves.

Locally Grown

The Granger family gets profiled as profilers. An overzealous news reporter and her minion of protesters threaten to tarnish the Granger family name and destroy their business at the Ballmont Farmers Market. Samantha ‘Sam’ Granger rallies the family to try to save face.

Stop Requested

Haunted by her past, Jess is paralyzed by the mere thought of human contact. Enter Benjamin, an unusual individual who claims he is there to help Jess help herself and he won't leave until she does.


Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass

Some things are just unavoidable--like school bullies. See what happens when one kid fights back...sort of.

*Abundant Productions co-produced this award-winning comedy short.